Dear School Choice,

I want to start out by thanking you all so much for this year’s tuition assistance as well as years past. Your organization is an amazing one! Investing in a child’s education is a rewarding opportunity to help our children succeed. Since my children have attended their school they have flourished academically!
— Rosie P., mother of 3 children
Mom and child 2.JPG
The choice to attend this exceptional school would not be possible without your generosity and for this you will not be forgotten.
— Sonia S., mother of two girls
Forever grateful for all you do to make it possible for my son to get the education he deserves. Thank you!
— Joan D., mom of Nicholas
School Choice is not only a blessing for obvious financial reasons, but …less stress on an already stressed single mom, the comfort of a calm and loving environment for a child whose life is in turmoil and genuine relationships with others at the school who selflessly give their time and energy.
— Laura S., mother of three children