The culmination of our Family Program is the graduation event each spring at the Kentucky Science Center. We were honored to have a special School Choice graduate, Stephen Stivers, deliver the keynote address to this year's 8th grade graduates. What an inspiration he is to us all!

I went from bring homeless at the beginning of my 6th grade year to attending one of the best private schools in Louisville and such a miracle can happen to you too.
— Stephen Stivers, School Choice graduate and current dean's list student at Tufts University


When we make a commitment to a family to support their child through scholarship, the family makes a commitment to School Choice.

The parents or guardians of our scholars must attend at least four parent education classes we offer.  We are proud to partner with another local non-profit, Operation:PARENT, to create a program full of quality curriculum that helps parents create a home conducive to academic success.


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